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Spice up your cocktail game with this Caribe & Co + Rum Concoction

I'm so excited to share this rum cocktail with you. Try it with a mix of Caribbean rums or choose your favorite. Give this creamy chocolate rum surprise a try!

Introducing the Caribbean Run-around - celebrating of course, some of our Caribbean favorites, old + new. Chocolate + Lemon are a seemingly odd combo but I can promise you that it’s one of my favorites

@jonmendelsound dipped back behind the bar and helped me write this most royal rum sour sipper


Into your shaker goes:

.25 oz. Rich Demerara syrup

.50 oz. @caribeandco Chocolate Rum Cream Syrup

.75 oz. Lemon

.25 oz. Cynar

.50 oz. @cruzanrum black strap rum (for those Virgin Islands molases notes)

.50 oz @brugal1888rum (for that aged Dominican oaky goodness)

1 oz @appletonrumuk (Jamaican rum for the funk)

1 egg white

⭐️ Don’t have a collection of rums? No worries! Choose your favorite rum and pour in 2 oz

1st we do a dry shake (fancy bartender terms for “without ice”). Seal it up good and shake it hard - YOU REALLY CANNOT OVER SHAKE. A good firm shake forces air in and helps create that beautiful body. Once you think you’re close, shake it again.

Now, add ice - fill it all the way up (you want your shaker full of ice) and give it another solid shake (no rocking it to sleep)

Pour it and garnish with chocolate bitters if you’ve got em, it’s worth the added aromatic touch. Ours are @feebrothersbitters Aztec Chocolate 👌🏽

Cheers, Friends!


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