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authentic media for passion-led brands

Hey there, Im Rachel aka Rach, an energetic, community-loving, multi-skilled creative based in Rhode Island. I'm a first generation Filipinx American and I've built my creative career from the ground up, fueled by my creative passion, desire to help others succeed, and mission to create a safe and inclusive space within the food industry.


Working in the restaurant industry, I came to realize how unsafe the work environment was and I knew I needed to find a fresh path that allowed me to pursue my passion for food while also prioritizing my own well-being. I discovered food styling and photography and never looked back.


Today, I specialize in photography and video production, product shots, event photography, and branding photos, working with clients of all sizes to capture their unique stories and bring their visions to life. My services are rooted in hospitality and powered by my belief in your success.

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