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Highly-rated creative marketing force with 20+ years of experience weaving creativity, community and hospitality together with her innate talents and effervescent personality.

I'm Rachel Averitt, your guide through the vibrant world of creative marketing. With over two decades of experience, I blend creativity, community, and hospitality into a dynamic force that propels brands forward. At Rely on Rach, we unlock your brand's full potential, turning visions into reality.

As a proud 1st Generation Filipinx American, my journey is deeply rooted in a passion for positive change and community empowerment. My roles in the Rhode Island Food Policy Council and Research BIPOC History mirror my dedication to food equity and local well-being, especially for BIPOC communities. And I'm a proud member of 2024 Food Leaders Lab.


Commercial Photography: Capturing the essence of your products and services with a keen eye for storytelling.

Branding & Identity: Crafting unique brand voices that resonate deeply with your audience.

Website Design: Building beautiful, functional websites that connect and convert.

Creative Education: Sharing knowledge and skills through workshops that empower and inspire.

Seeing Your Unique Value


My most unique gift is my ability to see people for who they truly are—their brilliance, their gifts, and the value they bring to the world. I'm a curator of stories that inspire and transform, often revealing an aspect of individuals that changes how they perceive themselves. This talent is at the heart of my work and is why I developed my skills and created Rely on Rach.

Embracing the Unpredictable

Life, for me, is a vibrant celebration of each present moment—a journey bursting with surprise and discovery, not a rigid, preordained path. Embracing the enchantment of unpredictability and mastering the art of being fully present enriches every facet of our existence, transforming it into a uncharted journey of continuous growth and boundless self-discovery. When we surrender to societal norms and expectations, we drift away from our authentic selves, often resulting in a myriad of health and societal challenges. This path can stifle our joy, harm our precious planet, and dampen the brilliance of our souls. I'm dedicated to breaking free from these stifling constraints, illuminating a brighter, more vibrant path



Despite facing obstacles like gatekeeping and rejection, I persevered, found my people and built a thriving creative career. Today, I'm a highly-rated creative marketing force. My mission is clear: to empower others to unleash their authentic fire and reach success beyond what they dream possible.

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where your unique magic is the star. Together, we'll craft a brand experience that's as authentic as you are, leveraging my vast range of creative skills to illuminate your path to success.

At Rely on Rach, we embark on a dynamic and transformative journey together, delving deep into your essence, and discovering the unique magic that defines you. I artfully weave your story, vision, and purpose into captivating brand elements, visuals, messaging, and a brand experience that authentically reflects your soul.

Ready to turn your creative vision into a captivating brand and see your brand through a new lens? Let's explore the possibilities and make your vision a captivating reality. Schedule a clarity call with me to explore the possibilities.

  • Commercial Photography (food, lifestyle, product)​

  • Food and Prop Styling

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding 

  • 1:1 Business Development/Creative Coaching

  • Content Planning (social media and beyond)

  • Content Creation (social media and beyond)

  • Newsletters that covert

  • Instagram Strategy

  • Reels

  • Website Design

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Creative Direction

  • Video Production

  • Business Development

  • Social Media Management Support

  • Public Speaking and Presentations

  • Product Launches

  • Business Operations

  • Pricing and Negotiation 

  • Goal Setting and Accountability

  • Community Building

  • Market Research​

  • Confidence​

  • Brand Partnerships

  • Event Planning and Marketing

  • Collaborations

  • Mindset and Goal Alignment

  • Skill Building and Workshops

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