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Capturing with Creativity

Rely on Rach to breathe life and value into your visuals. I believe that every photograph should tell a compelling story, whether it's a portrait that reflects your true essence or commercial imagery that sets your brand apart. With a commitment to creativity and individualism, I'm here to transform your talents into captivating imagery that resonates and leaves a lasting impression.


Studio Mini

Book an exclusive 3-hour studio session at Rely on Rach Studio with me, Rachel Averitt, to capture stunning photos and video content.

  • Licensing Included: Your session fee covers licensing for common usage (details here), providing flexibility for your content needs.

  • Deliverables: Receive up to 6 lightly retouched images and 15 seconds of captivating video footage.

  • Access to Expertise: Utilize Rely on Rach Studio's space, gear, backdrops, Styling support and photography expertise to create exceptional visuals.

Includes a 1 hour virtual planning session and a feature on the Rely on Rach Instagram story feed ($300 value).

The investment is $1200

Slots are first come, first serve.


Tailored to Your Needs. Work directly with Rach to craft a custom commercial photoshoot at Rely on Rach Studio that aligns perfectly with your project's objectives and budget.

  • Flexible Pricing: Pricing is determined based on the unique scope, deliverables, and budget we agree upon.

  • Personalized Deliverables: Expect a personalized package of top-quality images and assets tailored precisely to your project's specifications.

  • Collaboration with an Expert: Benefit from my multi-faceted, individualized attention and creative input throughout the entire process.

Includes 3 1-hour virtual planning sessions and a feed and story feature on the Rely on Rach Instagram story feed ($1,000 value).

Investment starts at $2500

I can't wait to make some magic.


event photography

Rely on Rach to expertly document your special events with a keen eye for detail and storytelling. My effervescent personality adds a touch of joy and enthusiasm to your celebrations, ensuring that every moment is beautifully captured.

Deliverables: Choose up to 25 lightly retouched images per hour of service purchased. Rely on Rach Terms do apply.



$600/hour standard events.

$500/hour non-profit events.

get in touch

solo or team headshots

Elevate your team's professional image with my convenient on-site headshot services. Whether you're a corporate office, a startup, or a small business, I'll bring my studio setup to your location, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.


Solo entrepreneur?  Swing by the studio.


My expertise lies in capturing headshots that reflect your unique personality and professionalism. Say hello to authentic portraits that leave a lasting impression.

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