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A brand is more than visual design.  At Rely on Rach we create complete + consistent brand experiences that inspire people, ignite emotion and move customers to commit.

When your brand is representative of your exclusive value you can leverage yourself as an industry leader with confidence and achieve the high-level success you deserve. 


"Rachel does marketing and social media for our bar/restaurant in Shelburne, VT. I can't say enough about her as she has been super helpful, and professional and always gets the job done.

She may have single-handedly saved our business during this Covid-19 crisis, making amazingly warm and inviting posts about our takeout program. I can honestly say without her, we may not have survived.


But even way before that, we have been certainly "relying" on Rach big time.

Literally after a week of working with her, I didn't even have to worry about our social media presence anymore. Rachel took care of it all. She stepped up our game a few notches, and seemlessly integrated her marketing prowess with our design aesthetic. It was a huge load off my mind, and her creativity and social savvy boosted the attendance of all our events, added tons of new followers to our account, and added a layer of sophistication to our marketing we definitely lacked..." (continued below)


...Her skills are a huge asset to any business, and certainly worth every penny. And the peace of mind you will gain from her work, knowing your message is being broadcasted in ways better than you could have even imagined yourself, is priceless.

Johnny Helzer

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Rachel has a vision and has been an incredible coach at not only bringing that vision to life but also teaching how the process of developing a solid brand and strategy works. Her patience at explaining and encouraging me to dig into identifying my ideal customer and speaking to them with my copy and product is something I will carry over to all of my projects and I am so grateful for that! I highly recommend Rely On Rach but get in touch early because she seems to book quickly!

cara goodenough


Rachel is one of the reasons our small farm business has been a success out of the gate. She helped us find what is unique and beautiful about our farm, develop our brand and share it. From countless beautiful photos to social media posts, videos & graphic content - she has helped us reach our customers and develop our brand in a deeply meaningful way that is unique to us. We look and feel professional.

Khelcom Farm


Rachel was able to take our little idea and create this beautiful branding around it and really make it come to life. I have been waiting for years to find a co-conspirator like I found in Rachel. All and all Rachel is the total package...Rachel is an asset to any team.



I highly, highly recommend working with Rachel. Rachel demonstrated a laser focus attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and a keen eye for branding... She worked closely with me to understand my needs and goals, and kept me involved throughout the process... Anything you hire Rachel for will be handled with dedication, skill and perhaps most important of all - a sunny attitude that is sure to be contagious.”

Kendal Hudspeth


My new website is incredible. Not only did Rachel exceed my expectations for a beautiful site that functions that way I wanted it to, she sat with me for five hours and made sure I knew how to use it. I'm easily able to make changes when I need them. The whole experience working with her was seamless and I can't recommend her highly enough!



Rachel understands what’s important from the individual standpoint as well as the public’s, and then molds it into a beautiful, personalized package. It’s incredibly hard to tell another person’s story but as a person of color myself, Rachel wove my story into the thread of my business in exactly the way I had hoped. I’m now working with her again on another project because I can’t imagine anyone else being so thoughtful and perceptive in a professional setting.”



What do you need? Rachel can do it! And do it with style! She’s a true renaissance woman. I’ve had her help me with advice, design, computer skills, websites... Her talents and impeccable eye are worth double of what she is charging. Do yourself a favor and Rely on Rach!



Our community looks forward to Rachel’s newsletter. Any class that she creates marketing for sells out immediately.

Rachel’s work made me sign up for a class at the school that I direct—that’s her level of expertise.



I'm grateful for Rely on Rach branding and website expertise. Rachel has proven those wrong who say "you don't need a website to get sound work". Mine has aided me countless times."

A client recently told me  "based on how your site looks I know you have everything we need for a 2 camera commercial shoot."


My site communicated the my level of professionalism, she knew I was good to go - and there was no convincing required.


This happens over and over. My website really works to get me hired and helps me stand out in a sea of professionals.

jon mendel


Rach is probably hands down the best consultant you could ask for. She helped me find the fire that I was missing to ignite my business... All her design work is stunning, her photos are spectacular, her advice is smart and thought through, and she has such a fun personality as well! If you're ready to invest in yourself and your business, call Rach. You won't regret it.

Lauren Amos


Rachel did an amazing job styling the sushi display for our wedding. All of our guests raved about it as a centerpiece for the cocktail hour. She used different color and was very inventive with the chopstick displays. Rachel was also very responsible when we asked her questions following the event. 10/10 would recommend!


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