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A monthly meetup and virtual office hours where real talk leads to real growth. Each month, we’re going to share strategies and mindsets and get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to reach your goals. Let's rise together.


Who wants more?

What does 'more' truly mean to you? In our bustling lives, we often find ourselves on paths laid out by circumstances, expectations, and routines. It's exhausting and can extinguish feelings of self-connection and satisfaction.


I invite you to pause and ponder – is the path you're walking truly yours? 'Rely on Rach Community' is a space for realignment, rediscovery, and taking courageous steps that resonate deeply with who you are and who you aspire to be. Together, let's explore what 'more' means for you and how you can authentically embark on a journey that reflects your true aspirations. 

group meetup

Each session is like catching up with an old friend who's here to give you the real scoop on what works. We’re talking genuine insights and life-tested strategies.


Saying your goals out loud is the first step to achieving them and we are all about making that happen. This is your safe space to dream out loud and start turning dreams into plans.


Dedicated time to link up virtually and get your questions answered. Discover shortcuts and tricks.  Gain support and knowledge.  Bringing fresh perspectives that could be just the spark you need.


True to Rely on Rach style, our doors are open to everyone. Biz goal or life goals - it's about bringing your true self and finding support in our vibrant mix of folks. 

On The Regular

Our Community Sessions are set to occur regularly, providing a consistent rhythm for our journey together. We will meet on a chosen Sunday each month, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST.  Plus enjoy open office hours each week with Rach.

By dedicating this time each month, we're committing to our collective growth and the realization of our goals. I'm looking forward to these moments where we can connect, share, and thrive together.

Grab a bottle of wine or a cup of tea and join us in person (Bristol, RI with snacks) or virtually.

  • Rely on Rach COMMUNITY

    Every year
    A monthly meetup where real talk leads to real growth.
    • Monthly Meetups (Mon eves virtual or in person Bristol, RI)
    • Your Goals, Out Loud and the Power of Vulnerability
    • Collaborative Insights + Accountability
    • Everyone fits here - all are welcome
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