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Watermelon, Rose & Orange Fresca

A quick mock-tail that could easily turn cocktail

I'm not one to sit down and chomp watermelon but puree that melon, add a lil extra goodness and I'm all over it. If you've not had watermelon fresca you're in for a treat and yer bout to feel feel fancy af. Bonus if you've got an abundance of melon that needs consuming - this is the best way to use up watermelon!

What Ya Need

You'll need a blender. My Vitamix is my second favorite appliance that I own (first place goes to the Mercedez Benz of rice cookers, but that's another post) anyway, it does a killer job for sure but I think most any blender can take on a watermelon.

  • 1 watermelon (I prefer small, heavy, locally grown melons as they tend to be juicier and most flavorful)

  • 1 Orange (I use just the zest but you could add the juice too)

  • 1 lemon (probably)

  • Rose Water (few drops)

** this can also be done with other fruits or blends of other fruits, adding small amounts of water until desired consistency is reached

Watermelon, Orange & Rose Fresca

  1. I cut the melon in half and scoop out the fruit, removing seeds, no concerns if a few make it past - my blender easily chomps them up. I put the scooped watermelon and it's juices straight into the blender.

  2. I zest the orange, adding it to the watermelon and then add 4-5 drops of rosewater. Rosewater is strong so I always start with a little and add more as needed.

  3. Next, I puree the watermelon, zest, and rosewater. Usually, there's no need to add water but you could if you wanted to stretch the quantity a bit. I start the blade low and work my way up, letting it run for a few minutes to ensure a nice, smooth, almost creamy end result.

  4. Now, I taste it and balance the sweetness with the lemon juice. If you like sweet juices you may not want to add lemon juice to your fresca (I almost always prefer zippy to sweet). Tune it a little at a time, til it's just right. Now pour that beautiful concoction over ice (big fan of nice solid cubes) and enjoy with good company.

Bonus Inspiration - you got this!

HERB IT herbs like basil or mint blend in and take things up a notch

SPRITZ IT seltzer or tonic on top to make this situation a lil extra

COCKTAIL IT - am I crazy or would Plantation Pineapple Rum show up nicely here?!

FREEZE IT pour this concoction into ice trays, use the fruity cubes in club soda or flat water, add cucumber

STORE IT repurpose a kombucha bottle (or any bottle), chill and serve/consume it with in a day or two


Getting your fresca on? Don't forget to take and snap and share it with me on social @relyonrach #relyonrach and be sure to let me know how it goes.




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