What do dumplings and my favorite brunch dish loco moco have in common?

Aside from being delicious?

vermont food photographer and content creator



Hello, I'm Rachel.


I'm a freelancing, food-focused creative based in Vermont.  I have a huge passion for food photography but all it really takes is a project that excites and inspires me to ignite my creative fire.


I'm a food-marketing-event-one-stop-shop so to say.  A bit wordy ain't it?  Truth - I'm a little hard to pin down as far as job titles go, but I've got a big toolbox of creative skills and a head full of ideas. 


I use these tools together to educate and aid companies in establishing solid, impactful, digital content that speaks to their ideal customers establishing trust and delivering results.

I dedicated my early life to the restaurant industry and on the side I spent time exploring creative rabbit holes, honing skills, understanding what folks respond to all the while - reading people, and striving to master authentic hospitality. 


When I was fed up with the never-ending cycle of the restaurant industry's misogynistic bro-culture, I used my skills as a parachute and got myself safely to a much better (healthier) place.  Yes, my friends, it can be done and if you need help please reach out.

I founded my company Rely on Rach and operated as a wedding & event coordinator.  


Turns out I had all of the tools I needed to do it easily.  Now, I use those same skills to help others start and propel their ventures - with weddings and events on the side of course.


No matter what I do, my love for food, photography, the planet, and sharing shit I'm into is most insatiable - so, 


I've created a blog for stashing all of that. I hope you'll check it out.


Let's hang on social (if you're into that sort of thing) and surely hit up my inbox if you have a project and need a hand.  I've got a laundry list of skills and there is NOTHING I love more than meeting new people.  

Maybe you're feelin' my vibe and you want to get my sass direct, on a regular-ish basis? 


Stories, recipes, and insight as I 'prenuer my ass through this life journey with a camera in one hand and a fork in the other.  I'd love to have you along for the ride.

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I've got plenty to share

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Not into it?  Ain't no thang! I'm not for everyone, ditch me anytime - promise I won't be mad.

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