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Meaningful impact and success is always my goal. I'm standing by anticipating curating a package, exploring monthly retainers, or setting up a one-time project with you.  I welcome a chat about your needs and would love to prepare a custom proposal for you. 


When you're ready - peruse my packages below or get in touch. Click below to get the convo brewing. I'll be looking forward to it.




I'm all about finding the right person for the job.  Let's hop on a call and talk through your needs and see if we're a good fit.  If you're ready to invest in jaw dropping assets that tell your story in a genuine & inviting way book your clarity call today.



We make a plan to meet your needs, goals and execute the concepts you're envisioning.  Much like ordering take-out I can't predict the costs until I know what it is I'm creating and delivering.  Once we've agreed on a package we get to writing a shot list.



Now, we make magic. Me and my team will join you at your restaurant (or in the studio) and you'll prepare your incredible dishes. We’ll take photos based on the plan we’ve mapped out, while also using the aesthetics of your venue and other backdrops to tell your story.



My post production proccess brings your brand images to life. I'll work carefully during the post-production process, to ensure any unwanted marks are removed, and edit so that your content is fresh, inviting, and drool-inspiring. 


Signature one on one support for you or a member of your team to ensure that you maximize the benefits of your investment.  Voxer voice support as well as 1:1 marketing sessions for inspo and strategy.


proven results

 She may have single-handedly saved our business during this Covid-19 crisis, making amazingly warm and inviting posts about our takeout program. I can honestly say without her, we may not have survived. But even way before that, we have been certainly "relying" on Rach big time...


I'm dancing through the digital age, don't let the demand for content bring you down. Together we'll stop the scroll with eye-catching visuals.


Rely on Rach for comprehensive Asset Collection Photography and efficient Hourly Photo Sets to keep your content fresh. In addition, opt to amplify your investment with marketing strategy sessions for you and/or your team. My genuine approach to social will bring your brand some serious flex.


Images are delivered in both high resolution and web size. All media is licensed for use on your website, social media, digital/print advertisements, and press.  Media ownership stays with the photographer/creator.

Orange and Coconut


Ideal for an epic new restaurant launch, dropping a fresh menu, or revamping your digital presence - Rely on Rach Asset Collection Photography shoots are designed to comprehensively capture your restaurant or food brand.  In this shoot we'll capture:

  • chef-stylized food

  • ingredient shots

  • kitchen process

  • FOH highlights

  • team portraits

  • interior and exterior

Full-day (200 images)

Half-day (100 images)

1 planning session is included and strategy session are available at an additional fee. 


Video, studio rental, props, talent and food styling services are also available at an additional fee. 

let's discuss a custom quote


Let's link up for a photography power hour and create some impactful media. Get a taste of the magic with a one-hour shoot.

This is a great way to build a diverse library of images over time and keep your brand in season.  Choose a monthly or quarterly agreement or rely on Rach as needed -  when you're implementing changes or have upcoming marketing needs.

  • Monthly 1 hour brand photography

  • In restaurant or in studio (+ hours for combo)

  • 1 planning session + light styling

  • Download link within 3 days

  • 20 new images every month

3-month minimum contract is required for monthly services to ensure availability

1 hour $1,000 (single event )

Monthly 1 hour $800 (3-month minimum)

Quarterly 1 hour $900 (1-year minimum)

Deliverables: 20 images

Video, studio rental, props, talent and food styling services are also available at an additional fee. 

let's chat options



"Rachel has a special ability to learn someone and their service or product and create branding to match it. She makes it really easy to work with her! If you are a small or medium size business that wants to feel like you are getting big business support - this is for you... It's best when you engage in a full package... Rachel is so well rounded with her skills - photography, branding, and digital design are a no-brainer."



Crisp, properly illuminated images on a white seamless background or branded set. A versatile asset perfect for ecommerce and wholesale product marketing.



Choose from branded videos (30-60 seconds) or a variety of short-form (15 second) tik tok style videos for social media.  From spotlights to engaging instructional videos to promotional videos. 



Videos and gif's add a fun and interactive vibe offering endless possibilities for showcasing your brand in a memorable way.  

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copy + design


Creative support implements your brand identity and fuses your essence into all you do - think branded campaigns, platforms and merchandise.

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