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I got the opportunity to share some food photography tips and tricks with our UVM Chapter of Spoon University.  I learned a lot from folks more experienced than myself and I'm grateful to have a chance to pay it forward.

Advice for Taking More Instagram-able Food Pictures, From a Food Photographer

By: Sarah Klimek

Publication: Spoon University VT

Date: Aug 26, 2020

Check out my recent interview with the thoughtful and talented Melissa Passanen, food writer for Seven Days Vermont.   The interview touched on sensitive topics and she made me feel comfortable and safe.  I'm honored to be featured among the talented entrepreneurs that surround me.

Entrepreneur Rachel Averitt Creates Business Around Food and Hospitality

By: Melissa Passanen

Publication: Seven Days Vermont

Date: Aug 26, 2020

I was interviewed by Jura Koncius, Staff Writer for the Washington Post.   It was an absolute honor to interview with Jura and to appear in their publication.


The article was also featured via Apple news.

How to host a get-together as safely — and graciously — as possible


By: Emily Heil and Jura Koncius

Publication: The Washington Post

Date: June 12


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