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Hiraya Studios Logo Story: A Foundation for Creative Dreams and Aspirations

At Hiraya, we believe in the power of visual storytelling not just to capture the eye, but to touch hearts and open minds. Today, I'm thrilled to take you behind the scenes, sharing the inspiration behind our name, the story woven into our logo, and the intentions that guide our journey.

The Essence of Hiraya

Hiraya, an ancient Filipino word, embodies our core philosophy – the transformation of aspirations into tangible realities. It's about bringing to life the visions that dance in the deepest corners of your imagination – the ideas that stir your soul, the dreams that push you forward. We’re dream weavers, committed to crafting visuals and narratives that resonate, inspire, and transform.

The Symbolism Behind Our Logo + Elements

In our logo, two birds, symbolizing Jon and myself, looking back, embodying our commitment to always look back, and uplift others as we all advance. These figures are the most crucial element of our brand and represent a story of recognition, support, and companionship.

For me, the birds are where it all begins - the power of being seen. As Jon's career was taking flight, he paused to see me, not just for where I was but for the potential within me. This gesture of seeing and lifting each other is the spirit we embody at Hiraya Studios. It’s a commitment to recognize the talent and dreams in others and to bring them along on our journey forward. This action of looking back while moving forward, intentionally set against conventional narratives of progress, speaks to our desire to redefine success as a collective, inclusive journey.

The orientation of these birds, facing what is considered backward in a white-led society, is a profound nod to our ethos of inclusivity and a tribute to cultural sensitivity. It honors our Muslim brothers and sisters by challenging dominant perspectives. It also serves as a reminder that forward momentum is not just about the direction we move in but how we move—together, with awareness and respect for all.

Filipino-Inspired Sun

Central to our logo's narrative is the sun — my own interpretation of the Filipino sun, which, in itself, carries a story of rebellion, freedom, and unity. Unlike the traditional sun symbol with its eight rays representing the first eight provinces to rebel against Spanish rule, our sun extends its reach with more rays. This adaptation is deliberate, symbolizing a broader, more inclusive vision of rebellion and unity. It's a call for liberation that transcends geographical and historical boundaries, extending to the diaspora and beyond, embracing a global community in its warmth.

This sun does more than just shine; it radiates the ideals of freedom, democracy, and sovereignty that have fueled movements for independence and self-determination. Each ray stands as a testament to our intent to illuminate the path of freedom for all who come into our fold, guiding us on a journey marked by light, solidarity, and an ever-widening circle of community.

The star positioned on the sun's forehead adds a deeply personal touch, a subtle yet profound nod to Mindanao, the land of my ancestors. This star is a symbol of pride and remembrance, highlighting the rich tapestry of cultures and stories that shape our collective identity. It underscores our commitment to honoring our roots while forging a future that holds space for every story, every dream, and every voice.

We envision our sun brandmark as a catalyst for dialogue and feedback. It is a symbol that encourages each member of our community to shine brightly, share their insights, and contribute to a richer, more diverse tapestry of ideas. It reminds us that every experience and perspective is valuable and deserves a spotlight.

This Sun is our commitment to creating spaces where feedback is welcomed and celebrated. It's where constructive conversations help us grow and evolve together. It symbolizes our open invitation for everyone to contribute, to share their light, and in doing so, help illuminate the collective journey we are on.

As we move forward, let our Sun be a constant reminder of our dedication to diversity, dialogue, and development. It’s a symbol of how, together, we can create a brighter, more inclusive future for all. Our brandmark is a part of our ethos, encouraging everyone to slow down and lean into feedback, share freely, listen intently, and make room for all experiences to be heard and valued.


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