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Rachel does marketing and social media for our bar/restaurant Peg & Ter's in Shelburne, VT.  I can't say enough about her as she has been super helpful, professional, and always gets the job done.  She may have single-handedly saved our business during this Covid-19 crisis - making amazingly warm and inviting posts about our takeout program. I can honestly say without her, we may not have survived. But even way before that, we had been certainly "relying" on Rach big time.


Literally, after a week of working with her, I didn't even have to worry about our social media presence anymore. Rachel took care of it all. She stepped up our game a few notches, and seamlessly integrated her marketing prowess with our design aesthetic. It was a huge load off my mind, and her creativity and social savvy boosted the attendance of all our events, added tons of new followers to our account, and added a layer of sophistication to our marketing we definitely lacked.


Her skills are a huge asset to any business, and certainly worth every penny. And the peace of mind you will gain from her work, knowing your message is being broadcasted in ways better than you could have even imagined yourself, is priceless.

Johnny Helzer

Rachel has been helping us out with our business @vttortillaco. She is super talented with her food pix and other creative stuff (graphic design) and is just a lovely person to work with. Hire her, you will be glad you did!

April Moulaert

What do you need? Rachel can do it! And do it with style! She’s a true renaissance woman. I’ve had her help me with advice, design, computer skills, websites, she’s fed me delicious snacks and cooked dinners for my family. Her talents and impeccable eye are worth double of what she is charging. Do yourself a favor and Rely on Rach!

Allyson Sprinkle

My new website is incredible, check it out Not only did Rachel exceed my expectations for a beautiful site that functions the way I wanted it to, but she also sat with me for five hours and made sure I knew how to use it. I'm easily able to make changes when I need them. The whole experience working with her was seamless and I can't recommend her highly enough!

Lauryn Starkey

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